If you have started building a mobile application, it means you understand the value it can bring for your business. If you have not, it’s time to consider how long your traditional business model can continue in this ‘mobile-first’ (soon to be ‘mobile-only’) world, without a mobile strategy.

Like it or not, every business should have a mobile app if it wants to remain relevant in today’s landscape. It is no longer the domain of e-commerce, social networking or gaming industries alone…every business can and should reap benefits from investing in a mobile app.

The reasons for this are clear:

  • This is where consumers are spending their time
  • 85% consumers prefer to use mobile apps instead of mobile websites
  • It’s possible to connect with consumers on-the-go
  • The amount of consumer data that can be collected from apps is staggering. This data can help shape major strategic decisions for the business.


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The last part is probably the most important benefit of a mobile app. Sadly, most businesses do not clearly understand how to collect user data and once collected, how to use the same. Integrating a Mobile SDK in your app is the easiest path to collecting essential intelligence about your consumers.

A mobile SDK integrates with your app and tracks user behavior and communicates the same to form sets of actionable insights. Here are 5 important insights that you can gain about your consumers:


#1. Events:

The SDK captures and tracks user journeys on your app. You will know when an action or a set of actions is completed by a user.

#2. Sessions:

A session is the duration of time that a user spends on your app at one time. Usage Information like total sessions over a period, the average length of each session can be used to understand usage patterns, drive retention and monitor uninstall rates in the app.


#3. Device Information:

Information like your users’ phone model, OS version, carrier information is critical in order to understand where bulk of the usage is coming from and can help in designing specific targeted campaigns.

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#4. Demographic data:

Demographics too, can play an important role in clearly defining your target audience: age, gender, location and more. This understanding can augment strategic work plans for the management.


#5. Assessment of marketing channels:

Attribution data will help in assessing the impact of individual marketing channels, which in turn can assist in budgeting and optimizing the marketing campaigns for maximum impact.


Mobile Apps are here to stay and that’s great news for all businesses. It has never been easier to gain such deep access to consumer behaviour and these insights are vital for strategic decision making.

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