Did you know that an average of 6,140 mobile apps are released through the Google Play Store every day? (Source: Statista – study released in first quarter 2018). This is a huge number and it is only growing every quarter. From around 3000 apps per day in third quarter of 2016 to over 6000 apps per day in first quarter of 2018, it shows no signs of slowing down.

So how do you promote your brand new app in such a crowded space? How do you get your initial user traction? If you are thinking of running mobile install campaigns, you are on the right track. And with tools like Unliche, it is easy to create, execute, manage and optimize such campaigns – all from one dashboard.


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Adding your App

Once you have signed up for Unliche, you will be able to add your app. Select your app type: iOS, Android or APK. Give relevant details according to your app type and you are ready to add your app on Unliche.

Adding App on Unliche


Once your app is added, a unique API key will be auto-generated. This key is required to integrate Unliche’s SDK into your mobile app.API Key for Unliche SDK


A Step-by-Step guide for SDK Integration is available here.


Adding Events

Depending on your app, you can create in-app events. These events will allow you to track post-install events. Your developer will need to integrate the event id in your application. Once these event tracking IDs are integrated, you will be able to define event-based campaigns.Adding Events on Unliche

Create Campaign

Creating your campaign involves the following steps:

  • Go to Campaigns under Management on the left panel
  • Specify your campaign a name and duration

Create Campign on Unliche


  • Assign events that you would like to track

Assign events to your campaign

  • Specify details like Daily and Lifetime caps for each campaign. This way you can control the budget for each campaign as the campaign will automatically stop when the specified caps are reached. Note that Caps here refer to Conversion caps which for instance in an “Install” campaign would be the number of installs.

Campaign details on Unliche

  • You can also perform advanced targeting by:
    • Geography: Country, State & City
    • Operating System
    • Domain whitelist/blacklist
    • IP whitelist/blacklist

Advanced Targeting on Unliche

  • You can upload your creatives and give any specific instructions for the campaign

Upload creatives on Unliche

Allocation of Campaign to Partners

Unliche has an extensive list of Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks and Direct Publishers integrated into the platform. (If you prefer to work with a partner who is not yet on available on Unliche, you can invite them to sign up here. The partner can be integrated into the platform with a simple one-click integration.)

Now that your campaign is ready, you can allocate the same to your partners.

  • Go to Partners > Available Partners from the left menu
  • Filter the Partners based on their geo location, partner type, traffic source and allocate your campaign to them.

Allocate campaign to partner

  • While allocating, you can enable to send real-time event postbacks to your partners. Real-time postbacks are useful for partners because it allows them to monitor the campaign performance as It is running and optimize on their end.
  • Unliche also allows you to set conversion caps by partner. This is very convenient when you are working with a new partner and would like to run a short burst campaign to assess the quality before you proceed further.
  • You then specify the cost per conversion for the selected partner. This way different partners could possibly be executing your campaigns at different payouts if you so choose.

Real-time postbacks on Unliche


As a final step towards campaign allocation, you can upload your Insertion Order (IO) that details all the terms of the campaign and payment terms.Upload IO on Unliche


Once campaign is allocated, partners will receive email communication with all the campaign details, creatives and IO. They can then proceed to either accept and execute the campaign or negotiate the terms via direct messaging through Unliche.Messaging on Unliche

That’s it!

You have created an event based campaign and allocated it to relevant partners. You are on your way to acquiring users for your app. You will start seeing real-time data about the acquired users. What kind of data, you ask? That is for another article.

Getting users to install your app is hard. It just gets slightly easier with Unliche – a one-stop solution for your customer acquisition campaigns.


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