Where a link is like the address of a building, a deep link is like finding a path to the kitchen without having to navigate the entire expanse of the household when you are hungry. Businesses today need to cater to the appetites of the ever-expanding customer base, especially through customization of menu offerings and speedy delivery.

A deep link is a direct link to a defined action on mobile application that seamlessly tries to connect the user to relevant content. The advances in the deep linking application has made it possible for coverage of users in both the cases: first time user wherein they do not have an application installed and re-engagement users who already have the mobile application.


Types of Deep Linking Techniques


Deep linking is commonly used by attribution analytics for linking to a page inside a mobile application.

Standard or Direct Deep Link

If the user has the mobile application installed in their devices, then a standard or a direct deep link will redirect them to the specific page of the application. In case of an absence of the said application, the redirect will be towards the download page of the appropriate geo specific app store. A standard deep link is like a tour guide who will take you to the kitchen if the house has already been built. In case the house does not exist, it will take you to the architect but will not give a guided tour to the kitchen after the completion of the construction of the house.

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Deferred deep Link

A deferred deep link is a smarter guide who will take you to an architect to help you build a house and then take you on a guided tour to the kitchen after the construction of the house is complete to make sure you that you use the kitchen. This is a way of ensuring that you complete the action for which you originally went through the trouble of building a whole house for. This means that if your device does not have the required application, it will direct the user to the to the geo specific app store page to complete the installation process. Additionally, after the installation is done, the user is redirected to the defined invocation.

Contextual deep Links

Contextual deep links which go one step ahead and help in giving a personalized and smoother onboarding experience to the users by collecting information about them and providing a tailored UX. Information like which users are contributing the maximum, who are giving the most referrals and similar data can be collected and transferred to analyze the performance of the channels.

Why Do You Need It?

Deep linking has a very important usage in campaigns of driving the installation numbers by linking to features inside the application. This increases the possibility of increase in conversion rates and retention rates. For example, there will be better purchase conversion if the visitor is directed to the product view page on the website instead of just being directed to the main home page, where they’d have to research amongst a lot of variety to find the same product again. In this age of lower attention span and value of first impressions, it is important to ensure a seamless native experience when the user is foraging into the application for the first time.

Deep linking is an important feature in the re-engagement campaigns too. Prior accessibility of an application can be utilized by creating campaigns to drive traffic into the mobile application.


Deep Linking is an important aspect in the process of diffusion of user friction through optimization of time by reducing the number of clicks and increasing user engagement by enabling easy navigation. Deep linking can help in increasing ad sales and create a better native search overall. Usage of advanced deep link variation like contextual deep link can help in the creation of a better UX.

Unliche™ supports measurement and analytics of deep linking based attribution. Using such analysis, marketers can make smart decisions about their ongoing re-targeting campaigns and optimize them for maximum yield.

In conclusion, deep-linking has the potential to expand the ad market across both mobile and web platforms and better manage the download traffic.


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