The ability to understand user behaviour is an important aspect in marketing.  With the introduction of modern technology, there is a greater need within the industry for access to tools that allow tracking of user behaviour on mobile devices.

Integrating a mobile software development kit (SDK) is one way to track what users are doing on your app.  A mobile SDK is a set of software development tools that allows for the creation of events in an app through which app creators can understand user behaviour and trends to improve the user experience.  A Mobile SDK can be used to gain insights into your users behaviour patterns and utilize those insights for improving app experience and also for marketing purposes.

Let us highlight 4 main reasons why you should consider integrating aMobile SDK into your app:


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Gain In-depth Insights Into Your Users’ Behaviour

Event based analytics helps measure and analyse app usage to maximize marketing effectiveness. The SDK focuses on user behaviour to provide analytical data, tracking users in-app activities to determine usage patterns and movements. Analysis of this data helps better understand the user and improve the user experience. Those insights can further be used to identify how to monetise your application and ensure to occupy top of mind recall.

Create a Curated User Experience

With the help of a mobile SDK, the user experience can be generated with a discerning eye toward user behavior.  In so doing, marketing campaigns can be closely tailored to users based on their preferences and previous actions.

Clearly Attribute Value Gained from Spend on Each Channel

Attribution is the process of identifying a set of user actions that contribute toward a desired outcome, in some way.  In marketing, attribution is incredibly useful to understand the combination of usage trends and their chronology influences the user while using the app.  Advanced attribution analytics and subsequent reporting provides actionable insights into user’s intent and thought processes.  More specifically, this mobile SDK will eliminate any speculation within marketing efforts because it will clearly attribute value to user time spent on each advertisement channel, which will lead to highly optimized campaigns.

Optimize Campaigns Based on Gathered Data

A mobile SDK will take user data gathered and analyzed along with marketing attribution, to improve marketing campaigns.  Most Mobile SDKs can be integrated with other third-party data systems to optimally measure the impact of a marketing campaign and use that information for future improvement of marketing campaigns.


Custom apps built with an effective Mobile SDK allows developers to tailor a customized user experience, depending on who the end-users are – employees, customers or business partners. Choosing the right mobile software development kit is vital to the success of your app and it is essential that the chosen SDK has all the features that are needed to make an engaging application.

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