How do I validate the Unliche SDK integration?

Last Updated On January 03, 2019
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Testing Unliche SDK

Before releasing a new or updated build to production, it is critical you perform testing and QA to ensure proper behaviour of the SDK integration on your Website/App. And also you can validate the Pages/Events integration and their behaviour as per your campaign definition.

Steps to test the SDK integration by initialising the SDK in “live” or “test” modes:
Before we proceed to further, make sure you have created an Web/Mobile App, Web pages/Web events/Mobile events as per your campaign definition and initialised the Unliche SDK in your Website/Mobile.

1. Initialise the ‘Unliche SDK’ with SDK mode as for testing or production respectively and integrate the Web pages/Web events/Mobile events as you defined in the Unliche portal


Android Apps:

Unliche.initEvent(Context context, String AccessToken, String mode);

where mode can be:

Unliche.LIVEMODE – for Production
     Unliche.TESTMODE – for Testing


iOS Apps:

+(void)initializeWithUnlicheAccessToken:(NSString*_Nullable)accessToken withEnvironmentType:(UnlicheEnvironmentType)type;

where UnlicheEnvironmentType can be:

UnlicheEnvironmentTypeProd – for Production
 UnlicheEnvironmentTypeTest – for Testing



  <script async defer src=”” onload=”UnlicheSDK.init(‘API-KEY’,’SDK_MODE‘)”> </script>

where SDK-MODE can be:

   live – for Production
   test – for Testing


2. Navigate your website pages manually and record your events as per your campaign definition. If it is a Mobile App then, navigate the app manually and record all the events as per your campaign definition


3. In Unliche portal : On the Left panel menu -> Configuration section -> Validations -> Select the Website/App in the dropdown.


4. Click ‘Validate’ button for any of the Web pages/Web events/Mobile events and it will show you the message with the below status:


  Success   This status indicates, when the page/event conversion has been recorded with the Unliche.
  Error   This status indicates, when there is no page/event conversion has recorded with the Unliche.
  No Validation   This status indicates, there is no validation performed for that page/event.


5. For each Web page/Web event/Mobile event, if the status is shows as Success, that means your Website/Mobile App integration with Unliche SDK have been successfully validated.


6. Finally, to make the Unliche SDK production ready, change the respective modes to LIVE before launching your marketing campaigns.