Whenever I try to register I get “E-mail already registered error”, what should I do?

Last Updated On January 18, 2019
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This usually happens when you try to register again with Unliche – Mobile Attribution and Tracking Platform using a previously used email address. Please note that each email address is unique to an account and cannot be reused.

If you are trying this due to account access issues, you may try to Reset Your Account Password.

For any other account related matters, just drop an email to support@unliche.com and our support would be happy to resolve the issue.

In case you have not registered –

You need Unliche SDK if you:

  • Have a mobile app or website
  • Run Performance Marketing Campaigns
  • Want to know the value and effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Want to know which channel is working best for you
  • Want to track the results of your marketing effort


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