What is Unliche™?

Last Updated On January 03, 2019
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Unliche™ is a mobile advertising attribution and analytics platform.

Our scalable technology enables marketers to unleash the full potential of performance marketing. With Unliche, marketers can track, evaluate and attribute the right channels used for acquiring those users. Additionally, it also allows you to clearly understand your users’ journey in your app and track events beyond plain app installs.

Advanced Analytics help you to ascertain relevant data about users which translates into improved targeting and optimized campaigns.
Getting started with Unliche is easy!

Signup – Signup for an account by filling up the Signup form.
Account Setup – Upon admin approval, an email with the Account Setup link is sent to your registered email
Add App – Add your app(s) in the Unliche Dashboard
SDK Integration – Download and integrate the SDK
Campaign Initiation – Define events & campaigns and allocate to partner affiliates