What is an in-app event?

Last Updated On January 17, 2019
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In-App Events are specific actions that a user takes on an app. Tracking in-app events gives valuable insight into the post–install activities of users within the app.

In-app events show the way users interact with the app, which in turn, allows you to improve your advertising campaigns in terms of acquisition, engagement and retention.

In-app event tracking can benefit app-developers and marketers acquire high-value users, increase retention, improve user experience and optimize marketing campaigns.

By integrating the Unliche SDK into their Android or iOS app, an advertiser can very easily start defining, managing and measuring user engagement across different event flows.

You need Unliche if you:

  • Have a mobile app or website
  • Run Performance Marketing Campaigns
  • Want to know the value and effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Want to know which channel is working best for you
  • Want to track the results of your marketing effort

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