Why do I need integrate the Unliche SDK?

Last Updated On January 03, 2019
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Integrating the SDK in your app provides installation and event tracking capability.
The Unliche SDK is lightweight and secure. The integration process is simple and documented clearly here.

You can track installs, registrations, various stages within your app like check-outs, cart additions, purchases, game levels etc. to evaluate ROI and user engagement levels. Using this crucial data, marketers can define new campaign strategies to exploit higher levels of user interactions with their app.

As a first step to using the Unliche platform, you need to have the Unliche SDK integrated in your app.

Unliche is one of the lightest SDK in the industry (~30KB for Android and only ~550KB for iOS) and can be integrated simply by adding one line of code.

Through the SDK, you will be able to:

  • Define in-app events
  • Create campaigns using the defined events
  • Track the users’ in-app activity
  • Attribute conversions accurately
  • Analyze and optimize campaigns and marketing budgets