Marketing technology has revolutionised the marketing departments’ function drastically. Tools are improving rapidly and as a result, marketers are increasingly required to produce quantifiable results. As technology has gained momentum, it has changed the marketing industry making it more dynamic. Marketing Attribution is injecting the much-required transparency that provides a clear view of how every dollar is spent and how each channel performs.

The results are based on careful analysis of thousands of data points which are attributed directly to business outcomes. This is not only useful for the management to review the ROI on the marketing budget but is also critical to validate the marketing teams’ strategy and decisions.


Why is Marketing Attribution and measurement required?

Marketing Measurement has emerged as a top priority for marketers, as the need to learn more about patterns in campaign responses and justifying the pipeline impact intensifies. According to a Marketing Measurement and Attribution Survey, conducted by Demand Gen Report, 91% of respondents agreed that marketing measurement and reporting is a top priority for their organizations.

Understanding how marketing spend drives sales is powerful information and marketing technology is providing more clarity towards this knowledge than ever before. However, most marketers believe that their ability to measure and analyze marketing performance and its impact is far from perfect.

  • 40% say it needs improvement
  • 36% give it an average score
  • 9% opine its poor/inadequate
  • Only 13% ranking it as excellent


Marketing Attribution Analytics Unliche

So, dear Mobile Marketer, are you ready to become a Marketing Attribution Pro?

Here’s how you can do it with Unliche:

  1. Integrate the SDK: When you set out to improve your marketing efforts, it is important to track where your high-value users are coming from, which campaigns are working best and which partner is most effective in achieving your marketing objectives. For this purpose, you need a tracking mechanism in your app which is attained by integrating a Software Development Kit (SDK). Unliche’s super lightweight SDK is all you need to capture each click and conversion arising from your marketing.
  1. Define in-app events: The ability to understand user behaviour is an important aspect in marketing. Specially, when it comes to mobile apps, you want to track what the users are doing in-app. Unliche helps you gather important metrics such as installs, opens, registrations, purchases and any other events important for you. Tracking these in-app events will help you identify the set of user actions that contribute toward a desired outcome.
  1. Define Campaign Conversion Flows: Once you have defined your app’s events, you can now go ahead and design campaigns that will help you achieve your required goals. Whether your goal is simply to drive app installs or to have your users complete a purchase, different campaigns can have different goals. Only when your campaign goals are clear, you will be able to measure whether a campaign is successful or not.
  1. Allocate Campaigns to Partners: Now that your campaigns are ready, it’s time to roll it out to Unliche’s integrated partners. Each partner has different strengths and it’s important to choose those partners who can achieve your campaign goals most effectively. You can choose partners based on their geo-targeting capabilities, their Agency type (Direct publisher, Agency, Ad Network) and traffic source (email, incent, mobile) and allocate the campaign to them.
  1. Analyse & Optimise: Now comes the fun part. Unliche will start collecting data on your campaigns and give you analytics around your campaign performance, the best performing partners, your ad-spend and a lot more. You can start attributing your conversion to the relevant sources and optimize your campaigns so that non-performing campaigns and partners can be stopped and their budget can be routed to the high-performing ones. Also, gather meaningful data about your users, where they come from, which devices they use, their behavior across your app etc.

Ok, I got it. Now what?

Well, armed with all this data, you can basically prove to the management that you are a marketing rockstar. Amaze your team members and superiors with data around how you optimized your marketing campaigns to get the maximum ROI from your marketing budget. You can also plan your future campaign with higher precision and continue to maximize the marketing impact on your company’s revenue. Further, you can justify the marketing spend by calculating the cost per conversion achieved.

This is however just the tip of the iceberg. Once you have all the raw data reports, you can slice and dice it in your own way to gain more insights about your app and its users. This information can be used in many ways from improving app retention to driving in-app engagement.

So are you ready to give it a go?

Unliche Attribution Analytics free Demo

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