Marketing function is increasingly depending on technology and new tools are emerging to meet this demand from marketers. Such marketing tools are collectively called MarTech. Every year, over 30% of marketing executives spend more than $100K on Martech. Even though marketers often use such MarTech tools, they are still not leveraging the full potential of it. Companies using these tools effectively are dominating the market. Here are some insights that reveal how you can use MarTech to engage effectively with your customers.

Tap into MarTech Insights to engage your Customers

You can’t improve what you can’t measure

MarTech tools help marketers plan, execute and analyse marketing campaigns. Without the right tools for analytics, marketers will never be able to see the full picture and therefore, won’t be able to make improvements or adjustments to their campaigns. In the long run, it is more costly to not invest in the right marketing tools.


Your Competition is Equipped

In all probability, your competitors are using MarTech tools and have better insights and real-time access to campaign data. In such a case, they would have a competitive advantage.  With MarTech tools, you will be able to spend more time making strategic decisions based on what is happening and make real-time changes that can great impact your bottom-line.

You can view the entire customer journey

MarTech tools help you look at customer data more holistically. It helps you understand areas for improvement and also how you can optimize your campaigns to achieve better customer conversion rates. This kind of visibility allows you to create smarter strategies to engage your customers, create personalized messaging and analyze performance.


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How Can MarTech Take Your Business to the Next Level?


Build Personal Relationships

Nowadays, most of the marketers use social media scheduler, auto-responder, live chatbot, and many other automated tools for more sales. In fact, most of the promotions are robotic nowadays. Instead of artificial marketing, marketers should create personalized and targeted campaigns that would connect customers on a personal level. They should make sure that whether the campaigns sound friendly or robotic.

On average, a lead engages 8 times to become a paying customer. Continuous interaction between the company and the client is most likely to result in better conversion rates. Various automation tools collect relevant user data with the help of specialized CTAs, popups, forms, and questionnaires. However, this strategy enables marketers to enter into the customers’ mindset through the right door.


Achieve Scale

 As your business grows, you need technology that can scale along with it. Marketing technology are digital tools that can help marketers automate processes, aggregate data, and reach your customers online more effectively and efficiently. At the heart of digital marketing is automation and personalization. Both of these can be achieved at scale when you use the right marketing tools.


Consistency Sets A Marketer on Another Level

This is one of the most notable differences between amateur marketers and the experienced ones. It’s an undeniable fact that it’s hard to stay consistent, but those who remain, drive most of the sales. 60 percent of marketers publish every day to gain authority. They apply compound effect, which is not technical but worth the efforts. The compound effect is a vast topic to understand. But still, it can be explained as the effect of that small habit which pays well in the long run. More than 70 percent of customers tend to buy from those companies whom they trust. To build rapport, marketers need to communicate with their customers in a regular manner.


In Conclusion

As a marketer, you are flooded with choices and making even simple business decisions can become a complex process. Specially, when it comes to choosing new marketing technologies tools, it makes sense to dig a bit deeper and find the functional utility of the tool rather than fancy feature sets and superficial promises. You should find the right tools for your business don’t hesitate to run your potential martech vendors through a rigorous pitch process to understand their value propositions.


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