Unleash the
Power of Analytics

Gain Unprecedented Insights into in-app experience 

Unlock the potential of your business with the power of Unliche!

Unliche uses a user-centric approach to provide analytics and insights. Unliche delivers real-time app analytics throughout the user’s journey with event-based analytics, in-depth user data and Lifetime Value Reporting. Using Unliche SDK, marketers will be able to improve app experience, attribute value from each channel and increase ROI by optimizing campaigns.  


Understand your existing and potential customers by tracing your users’ in-app actions to reveal usage patterns and movements. Use this intelligence to improve your app’s user experience.


Perform complex analysis with ease and benefit from a variety of
advanced reports. Create user segments and analyze cohort data.

Multi-Channel Measurement

Integrate Unliche with other 3rd party data systems to measure and
improve the impact of your
marketing campaigns.


Eliminate guesswork from your marketing efforts by clearly attributing value for the spend on each ad channel and optimizing campaigns
 for enhanced ROI.

Advantage Unliche


Unliche’s SDK is very lightweight and does not impact your app’s performance

Easy integration

Clear documentation, simple code and our support makes integrating Unliche SDK into your app a breeze.

Unified Dashboard

Simplify your life by accessing all relevant data and reports through a unified dashboard.

Downloadable data

It’s your data after all. You will be able to download the data and use it offline for any purpose.

Secure & Private

We follow strict security benchmarks and ensure security of your information. Your data is always private, safe and secure with us.

Configurable attributions

Media sources use their own attribution models which may result in skewed data. Get accurate and in-depth insights of pre-install engagement.

Optimize your
Digital Marketing  today!